Preventative Maintenance Program in Yorba Linda, CA

Preventative Maintenance Program in Yorba Linda, CA and Surrounding Areas

Advantage HVACWe recommend you join our preventative maintenance program to ensure that you are scheduling regular maintenance on your system and to take advantage of preventative maintenance agreement customer discounts. Preventative maintenance is simply one measure you can take to make sure your system is running properly. Does your cooling system have the proper refrigerant charge? Is your system communicating properly to the thermostat controls? Is your condenser fan operating properly? Is the heat exchange working? Are the wires all connected properly? These questions can’t be answered without a professional technician inspecting your system to ensure problems are not arising. A little prevention can go a long way to saving you money later.

Residential Maintenance Program In Yorba Linda, CA

To create the right maintenance program for you, it is important to complete a thorough heating, ventilation and air conditioning analysis. We look at the age and condition of your equipment and analyze its current effectiveness. Then, we work with you to determine your goals for the program. We offer preventive maintenance programs that range from basic maintenance to more advanced preventative measures.

Benefits include:

  • Saves you money (usually $1 spent in maintenance avoids $3 in repairs)
  • Costs you can budget (spread out over 12 months)
  • Maximum comfort (improved indoor air quality)
  • Improved air quality (reduced airborne viral and bacterial transmission and absenteeism)
  • Longer life expectancy for your equipment (lower capitol expenses)
  • More efficient HVAC system (reduced energy consumption = decreased utilities)
  • Happier occupants

Commercial HVAC Preventive Maintenance In Yorba Linda, CA

A scheduled HVAC maintenance program is an affordable way to improve indoor air quality and contain repair costs. It is no secret that HVAC systems can create costly repair bills. Additionally, indoor air quality and occupant comfort can deteriorate over time.

Saves you money. Repair bills for HVAC systems can be very costly. They can also be avoided a good share of the time. Your building’s HVAC system is mainly a mechanical system with many moving parts exposed to moisture, airborne dust and dirt particles and wide temperature changes. These conditions can deteriorate the components in your HVAC system quicker without proper maintenance.

When your HVAC system is operating at peak performance, it is more energy efficient. This is one of our greatest goals with proper preventive HVAC maintenance energy savings. HVAC systems often make up more than 50% of a building energy costs when operating properly. This number goes up greatly when you neglect your HVAC system.

Improves indoor air quality. Included in proper preventive maintenance is the replacement of filters and in some cases cleaning of ductwork to remove collected dust, dirt and other contaminants from the air.

More comfortable for occupants. When your HVAC system is operating at its peak efficiency, it provides better comfort for the occupants of the building. Conversely, when HVAC systems are neglected efficiency deteriorates and makes it harder to cool or heat properly. Your equipment has to work harder and remain on longer to achieve the comfort zone your occupants desire.

Prevent downtime. Keeping your HVAC system well maintained greatly helps you avoid those very troubling down times when occupants are screaming. Those times seem to happen at the busiest times of the years for HVAC service companies the heat of summer and the cold of winter. Of course that reduces our response time and increases your occupant’s discomfort. Help avoid that downtime with our comprehensive maintenance programs.

Extends the life of your equipment. Properly maintained equipment lasts longer. Conversely, neglected equipment needs to be replaced sooner. Our preventive maintenance programs help keep your equipment operating efficiently and that gives it a longer life.

Are you are tired of expensive HVAC repairs and utility bills? Let’s get started today on a Preventive Maintenance Program that can help control these unexpected expenses.

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