Is Your Heat Pump Leaking?

Heat pumps are an efficient and appealing option for most residential homes because they keep the house warm in winters and cool in the summer through heat transfer. A heat pump combines the functions of a heater and an air conditioner, similar to an HVAC system but more cost-effective. 

The technology behind a heat pump’s workings is similar to air conditioners, and the customers face similar issues with the system, like water leakage inside the house.

Is heat pump leaking a big issue?

It is a common issue with heat pumps, so you only need to call experienced professionals at Advantage HVAC services that offer repairs, maintenance, installation, and tune-ups to all kinds of heating services. Even though it is no cause for great alarm, you should not ignore it as it could lead to system damage or germs/mold infestations that could further affect your family’s health. Standing water will also wear components of the system that can result in a short circuit.

Reasons why your heat pump is leaking?

  • Drain pan

Many heat pumps have a drain pan that collects the condensation from the unit. In case the drain pan is clogged with mold, debris, or algae, it overflows and leaks outside. If the drain pan is not set properly, it could also lead to a water leak. Another possible reason is periodic maintenance; over time, the pan’s surface may corrode, leading to cracks that allow the water to seep out. 

  • Drain line

The drain system depends on a few tubes to carry condensation out of the house. In case any of the tubes are blocked, the water will flow out of the drain pan, causing a leak. In most cases, the heat pump system automatically shuts down in case of a leakage. However, the problem still needs to be inspected by a professional repair expert before the heat pump can run again.

  • Evaporator Coil

Ice on coil-During the summer season, low refrigerant levels can lead to ice development on the cooling coils that hinder the cooling process and malfunctions the heat pump. The melted ice from the coils may cause the leak, and the heat pump will use more energy to work, resulting in a spike in your electricity bill. In heat repair service, the expert will remove the ice and add refrigerant to prevent further issues. 

  • Dirty coil

The evaporator coil collects condensation from the surroundings to drain it down the coil. In case of a clogged coil, the water drips outside. The solution is simple, call an expert repair service professional to clean out your system.

How can you prevent water leakage in your heat pump?

You can easily prevent water leakage and other minor or major issues with your heat pump system with regular repair and maintenance. Call Advantage HVAC for heating repair in Anaheim, CA, to inspect your heating system and address potential issues. It will increase the efficiency and life of your system and save you a lot of money in the long run.